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Pure Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

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Xovak coconut oil, extracted from fresh coconut milk, 100% natural cold-pressed and unrefined. can be used for cooking,  as a dietary supplement for skin, hair and body care, excellent natural moisturizer and nourishment of the skin.


This coconut oil is one of the few foods that can be classified as a “Superfood” it includes fat loss, better brain function, it boosts energy. It raises good HDL cholesterol in your blood which is linked to reduced heart disease risk. It increases your metabolism, boosts bone health, fights diabetes, good for digestion, fat burning, weight loss and it helps maintain healthy skin and hair.


Useful In:

  • Coconut oil is a great rejuvenation for the hair
  • Darkening it imparting luster and controlling graying
  • Remove stretch marks and scars
  • Relieve skin irritation and Eczema
  • Makeup remover
  • Soothe chapped lips and cracked heels
  • Sun protection (UV)ultraviolet rays
  • Helps soften and condition hair
  • Helps reduces protein loss in all hair types
  • Helps add shine, stimulates hair growth
  • Treat dry and damaged hair
  • Helps maintain moisture in skin and hair
  • Best for body massage


Method of extraction:


Product Details:

Additional information


100 ml

Key Feature

Organic / Herbal / Ayurvedic Product


Gujarat, India


Content: 100 % Pure and organic coconut oil

2 reviews for Pure Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

  1. Aswin R

    I am using xovak coconut oil for cooking no harmful substances contained.

  2. Falcon Vlogs & Tech

    I tried the coconut oil ,its pure and good for hair , super product

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