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What are Nutrients, Vitamins & Minerals and why are they important for our body? 1

What are Nutrients, Vitamins & Minerals and why are they important for our body?

What Are Nutrients? Nutrients are compounds in foods essential to life and health, providing us with energy, the building blocks for repair and growth, and substances necessary to regulate chemical processes. There are six major nutrients: Carbohydrates (CHO), Lipids (fats), Protein, Vitamins, Mine...
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Vitamin A rich foods

Vitamin A rich foods that helps in developing the overall health of the body

Vitamins A rich foods are essential for the body. Vitamin A is key for good vision, a healthy immune system, and cell growth. There are two types of vitamin A. This entry is primarily about the active form of vitamin A retinoids that comes from animal products. Beta-carotene is among the second type...
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Pure Cold Pressed Oil Banner

Pure Cold Pressed Oil That Are Beneficial To Human Health

Cold Pressed Oils have basically planted extracts. They're made by steaming or pressing various parts of a plant (flowers, bark, leaves, or fruit) to capture the compounds that produce fragrance. It can take several pounds of a plant to produce a single bottle of Oil. In addition to creating a scent...
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Triphala Churna Tablet Xovak Pharma

Impressive Health Benefits Triphala Contains

Triphala has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times as a multi-purpose treatment for symptoms ranging from stomach ailments to dental cavities. It is also believed to promote longevity and overall health. It’s considered a polyherbal medicine, meaning it consists of severa...
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Information, Causes, Symptoms & Prevention of Leucorrhoea

Information, Causes, Symptoms & Prevention of Leucorrhoea

Vaginal discharge is widespread and can vary in quantity and quality based on different days of the menstrual cycle. The medical name for normal vaginal discharge is leucorrhoea. It can be yellow or white, but it does not cause pain, itching, irritation, or burning of the tissue around the vaginal o...
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How does herbal liver tonic help to maintain liver function? 2

How does herbal liver tonic help to maintain liver function?

One can check the best ayurvedic liver tonic if they think that their liver is not functioning properly and needs optimization in their functioning. The liver is not something you probably think much about, but your liver is a key player in your body's digestive system. Everything you eat or drink, ...
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obesity in India

Why Obesity In India Is Increasing Day By Day & How To Tackle It

Obesity in India is a disorder involving excessive body fat that increases the risk of health problems. Obesity often results from taking in more calories than are burned by exercise and normal daily activities. Obesity occurs when a person's body mass index is 25 or greater. ...
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